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  • Satan will rule all

    By Ɗιℓєcтι
    Too expensive, this makes me want to go into satanism
  • Reminds me of my Communist Childhood

    By Chls@3738382159
    After purchasing this book I remembered that I have a life and don’t need to read this but I have to buy it anyway because my school is capitalizing on the weak minded middle class.
  • Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2

    By Wifletcher123
    The second installment in the Superbabies saga is one of the few films that a majority of the viewing audience see as superior. I would harken it to a Godfather Part II or an Empire Strikes Back. Beautiful cinematography and editing. 5/5 stars
  • Complete Bull

    By TheDoctor1000
    This god awful book was no help to me in my course. I thought this book was a form of animal abuse. My ears began to bleed when I heard this read aloud. And to reference an older review, there is in fact NO COWBELL in this god-forsaken book.
  • Nuttin' Professor

    By Ronnie_theman98
    The Nutty Professor is a 1996 American comedy science fiction film starring Eddie Murphy. It is a remake of the 1963 film of the same name, which starred Jerry Lewis, and was itself based on Robert Louis Stevenson's Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. I'm nuts for the nutty professor

    By Duuaanng
    There's the evilness of Satan and the dirty smell of money in every single chapter, in every single line, and in every single word and letter in this book. "All hope abandon, ye who enter here."
  • 10/1@ would read again in fact k will rn bye

    By All of them r taken lol
    if i could get a STI from reading I would now be infected with syphilis but im not complainin or nuttin
  • 8/10 too much water

    By HUsoldier54
    I read this book and my broker burst into flames, screaming something about a curse of Beelzebub
  • !!!

    By Unclefester2
    I love reading fiction, but I think this one went WAY into the deep end
  • Satan

    By Thomas1675
    As soon as I opened this book i saw Satan himself. He told me the end is near and now I'm terrified. At least I know my life is finally going to end soon.