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  • It's gimmicky and full of errors

    By Philologist
    Anyone who buys a full length video of a good performance of Hamlet, such as Kenneth Branagh, Derek Jacobi (not full length), Oliver 1948 Hamlet and get an Arden Edition copy to read will be better off. There are errors in vocabulary and explanation that tells me the preparers of this iPad edition did not consult scholarly editions. For example hold it a fashion and "toy in blood" is incorrectly explained as "idle fancy, toy connotes childlike" even though anybody who could understand without this explanation: Laertes basically saying "Due to his youth he is flirting with you, making an amorous sport out of you." When read carefully his following words confirm this without a doubt. ACtually this speech lasts a long time and Laertes struggles to scare and talk sense into sister, even though he himself in Paris he is a player.