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  • A great edition, delivered in a good, if imperfect ebook.

    By ClockworkPirate
    I’m very much enjoying 8th Edition. The streamlining of the rules and huge variety of ways to play make it both a more accessible and a more engaging game. This Enhanced Edition is definitely the best way to buy the rulebook, though it’s not entirely perfect. It’s been months since the first errata were released for the book, and we only just now got an update (one of the biggest advantages of having a digital copy is that updating is possible; Games Workshop should use that ability better!). The glossary is fairly well-organized, though it also isn’t perfect.
  • Is this their first ebook

    By MinstrelMal
    I got the enhanced edition so that I could easily check the book on my iPad Pro. I have only gone thru the fluff material, but so far I am really disappointed. The format is just off. I'm reading the book and cannot finish the sentences because the middle of the sentence disappears off the right hand margin. Pop up windows are not large enough (side to side) so words are missing. Strange symbols are randomly inserted and the sentence structure is messed up. So far the mechan9cus section is the worst. I thought maybe I had a bad download that got corrupted, it after a re-download the same issues exist in the same exact places. After being out for a couple of weeks there is no update to fix the format issues.
  • Good, but...

    By MagisterCrow
    This is a review specifically of the enhanced edition rather than the book itself. The book is good quality, and reviews for 8th edition are plentiful. The enhanced edition does a lot of things right. The pop ups are handy and well placed, the bookmarks are properly tied, and the glossary is a nice touch. This comes at the cost of load speed suffering a bit. A few of the internal bookmarks are a bit off, usually a page or two. Also, the errata is out but not yet included, which I was hoping digital editions would help me not need to flip between books to cross reference. Still, the enhanced edition does very well for itself, and I can certainly recommend it as the digital version of choice
  • Won't Download

    By RJHarris72
    This was purchased and paid for in advance and now that it is release day it WONT download!