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  • Very good read

    By Tyre_spy2
    This book helped me clear up a lot of things, not a parent yet but have a few nephews that misbehaves in front of me. Trying another rule...

    By 3MAC3MAC
    Well worth the read.
  • 12 Rules for Life

    By Gordiduk
    Great and insightful read. Well done!
  • Wonderful read!

    By MikeDAZ
    My sadness is that I didn’t get this book when I was twenty. I can’t imagine a better book to read as one enters adulthood.
  • Very disappointing. Wish I could get a refund!

    By jeff68108
    This religion driven propaganda from a guy that refuses to understand that social norms change and and just like everything else has to evolve and change with time. He says that any social change to the community is “BAD”. Just another social conservative that is set in a very out of date traditions!
  • Worth while read

    By Apple dad
    I would give every person entering adulthood this book. The ideas are not new, but newly explained. Puts forth his ideas in an honest and relatable way.
  • 12 uses for Life

    By Marv Marshall
    An excellent read for those interested in wisdom and enhancing one’s life. —Dr. Marvin Marshall
  • Required reading

    By Kurzxl
    This book opened my eyes in how I see myself to the world around me. Thank you for writing it!
  • Life Changing through Mind Change

    By peterjheins
    This book is challenging my thinking in a fresh and needed way. Every rule is supported well and I can’t help but think how much better the world would be if we all followed these rules. It is obvious that Jordan is brilliant, but he writes so down to earth, just as he often speaks—brilliantly but not as though you need a doctorate in psychology to follow him.
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